Have you seen the great Quester Q magnets the state board is selling?  For just $5 each you get a 3” X 5” magnet for your car or refrigerator.  Some have used it for their scrapbooks or as gifts to other Questers. 

Please contact BJ Ross or Phyllis Durr to purchase one. 


Rules for fundraising:  If you are fundraising within your Quester group,  state board approval is not necessary.

The funds raised do not have to go to P & R.


However, if you are fundraising that involves other Questers or people who are not Questers, permission must be granted by the state board. Please use the form below. You will receive a letter from the Grant chair notifying you that your fundraiser has been approved.  Save this letter  as you will need it when applying for a grant.

All monies raised in this way must be used for P & R.


Click on the PDF icon for the Fund Raising Request Form

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